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With her enchanting voice and her richly detailed storytelling, Avielle captivates people around the world with her ballads. The singer-songwriter with Arab-Jewish roots shares tales of nature, love and the world we all wander. Inspired by nature and by the late 60’s music revolution, Avielle has diversified her sound with an added blend of folk, southern blues and jazz.

About her music the singer-songwriter says that it’s all about starting a conversation, and most importantly about listening. Listening to the people and things inspiring her, but also listening to the stories and feeling she’s sharing with the world. Avielle is fascinated by the late 60s when music was part of a large societal revolution embodying uprisings against obsolete social structures and stereotypes. The singer-songwriters elaborates: “Music back then allowed people to express their feelings when words weren’t enough. It allowed them to be heard by the masses and to lead a peaceful dialogue. That inspires me tremendously. By sharing my deepest feelings and stories of people affecting me, I hope people can relate, can see themselves in the music and start a dialogue about it – with me, with their loved ones, with random people on the streets. We truly need to listen and talk more to another. After all, communication is key.”

Her ability to mix soft highs with deep raspy bass notes makes her sound unique. Her melodious fingerpicking and rhythmic folk instruments create a warm, comforting atmosphere. Listening to her upcoming album, you’ll find yourself closing your eyes, drifting away with her soft voice in your ears singing about the ocean. But you’ll also find yourself on your toes dancing to her raspy alt voice accompanied by rhythmic guitars and compelling guitar solos.