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Ocean by Avielle

I am drifting through the ocean on a boat

Everything is shifting, nowhere to go no road 

My inner compass is guiding my rows

As if I would know the exact way to go

And then the clouds are drifting apart 

And the moon shines right into my heart 

The waves push me towards you

And I feel that you’re pulling too

I am drifting towards the sea shore 

Through high cliffs building a door

My heart is beating as loud as it can 

When you reach out and take my hand

Then you pull me into your arms

And I fall victim to your charms

You stroke softly through my hair

And I smell your sweet scent in the air

I am walking along the beach

Water around us is all I can see

The water is washing my sins away 

And I feel that you’re approaching me

And then you press your lips onto mine 

In your eyes I see the moonshine

I lay my head on your chest

And I feel save sound and blessed